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Psykovsky & Friends - Prostra Potustoronnego Zertsala (Psykovsky Self-release)

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KER    4

So yeah, released today. I for one miss to listen to Psykovsky solo productions. Thinking it's been too much collabs over the years..


released July 12, 2018

maquillage-coiffure:: Elian Jani & Plastic Mushroom

tous les non-dits:: soundcloud.com/echovskeybs/

:wub:  duckduckgo.com?t=disconnect&x=%2Fhtml&q=merci+%C3%A0+tous&iax=images&ia=images



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recursion loop    443

Interesting name. Assuming that it is russian i would translate it as "spaces of orherworldly/transcendental mirror". Thing is that there is no such word "prostra" in Russian. The closest one is "prostranstvo" (space). Nevertheless, prostra (I think it's plural) does make some sence to me, for some reason i think about spaces which stretch out/unfold on their own. 

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