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Transdriver - "Rudimentary Synthesis" (oldschool goatrance)

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Check this guys, amazing stuff. 



Impulse Audio Records presents new release of old creative work of Transdriver project: 
Rudimentary Synthesis 
Tracks of the period: 1995 -1998. 
From the author: 
The style of this music is very close to Goa Trance with elements of Acid-sound of those days. 
Release includes some tracks, which were part of Analogue Terror album, but also those, which remained unknown till this time. 
We were drastic! 
That was an era with no VST instruments. We used only original synthesizers, inexpensive sound cards with limited memory, which was capable of accomodating just several sounds. 
Most of methods implemented in such synthesis were dropped over time as useless - became rudimentary. 
Hence the name of the release - Rudimentary Synthesis. 
Mastering brought me a lot of troubles. Some tracks sound with distortions, since were created live, and mixing console "Elektronika" was overloaded. 
Despite all these, many tracks contain very interesting musical discoveries. 

Hope you will enjoy origins of contemporary Transdriver sound.

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