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RIP Bansi :(


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This just in from Trancentral:


RIP Bansi! 
It is with great sadness we found out that Joseph Bansi Quinteros of G.M.S has passed away this morning in Amsterdam. Bansi was diagnosed with cancer a year and a half ago, battled the illness, kept on making music and even performing around the world. Our condolences to his family and friends. He will be greatly missed. His musical legacy is huge and it will stay with us - post your favourite track from one of his many projects (GMS, 1200 Micrograms, 3 of Life and many others) so we can remember him by his music.



RIP dude... you will forever be remembered on Festival dacefloors around the World... :(

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He was massively influential on the scene. From the full-on bassline to the fabled GMS Song Generator, they produced hit after hit.
I wasn't a big GMS fan, but I definitely love a few of their remixes and collaborations and their Riktam and Bansi project tended to be more of my liking.
They definitely know how to make something banging and could bring the power. Played one of their collaborations this past weekend.

RIP Bansi

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Love them or hate them GMS were one of the most infuential group in psy history by being the godfathers of Full On.

Since Anoebis mentioned Jaws I'll add this classic.


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Went to some cool parties with these dudes around 98/99/2000 in Japan. Absolute carnage when they played, have never see a dance floor go totally mental quite like they did and I haven't seen any other artist do that since.They really suited the Japanese mentality at that time for psy trance.

Never dug their music when they left TIP around 2000 though but their catalogue from Chaos lab through to Growly family was pretty cool.

. RIP dude for the great times.

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I remember seeing gms a couple of time live and the first was in the late 90s, i could never forget the energy and the power they had. Then I saw them in recent times (well, mid 00s) and it was very different music, yet the energy was incredible and everyone, in both occasions, was on fire on the dancefloor, exactly like psydmt describes, it seemed everyone was in sync with their creations.

At any rates, his best tracks are many and i always really liked the track "The Last Block"


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Wanted to add my voice to those expressing their condolences. Yes, after some time there was a point where there was almost too much GMS around. But they were quite influential, made their mark on the scene and it is sad to see Bansi leaving our planet so young.



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^^^^ Some years ago the guy who runs Ektoplazm (I think?) enlightened me to something very obvious but quite powerful I had missed.

GMS weren't the issue. GMS clones were.

GMS did their thing. They were fresh, they cared, they innovated, and people loved them. 

The fact everyone followed it, typically without innovation of note, is not their fault. 

It's easy to hate on GMS as that's the root of it. But really - to hate on innovation is absolutely wrong, esp given where we've ended up some years later - so I often find myself talking to people about re-framing their view on this a little.


I never got in to GMS. Infected Mushroom were my 'classic common entry point' to psy. GMS tunes were not too big at parties I went to when young so it never caught me. By the time I got around to them I knew so much modern psy that they didn't grab me. I may not even have listened to Jaws since properly devoting myself to goa a few years ago - it's a beast.

I once saw Riktam do a GMS set that was largely pop remixes, super super disheartening to see thousands choose bed at 4am at an otherwise pumping party. I wrote about it once on here some years ago. I am told that Bansi played more pumping, normal (if still accessible bordering on cheesy) sets when he was the one on stage. A pity he's gone then.

Curious to see what happens with Riktam and Bansi now. I hope he was not the driving force behind that project, I quite like some of their tracks.

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