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Timewarp Records

Consept Lightwork - Moments Of Magic (timewarp083)

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!!!OUT NOW!!!
Consept Lightwork - Moments Of Magic (timewarp083 - Timewarp)

Band Camp: https://bit.ly/2GUMWp1
Beatport: https://bit.ly/2H1XtyK
Psyshop: https://bit.ly/2GZXxPy
Spotify: https://spoti.fi/2IScKZ0
Amazon: https://amzn.to/2IWA2ww
GooglePlay: https://bit.ly/2kw54gg
JunoDownload: https://bit.ly/2J9YXfF

01 - Consept Lightwork - Aliens Interference
02 - Consept Lightwork - Normal Light Motion
03 - Consept Lightwork - Tempering Sound Waves
04 - Consept Lightwork - UFO Contact
05 - Consept Lightwork - Magic Frequency
06 - Consept Lightwork - The Forgotten Message
07 - Consept Lightwork - Out Of Perspective
08 - Consept Lightwork - Dream State
09 - Consept Lightwork - Moments of Magic

Timewarp is excited to present a special full length album by Consept Lightwork "Moments Of Magic" consisting of some new and some vintage works all retooled to sound phat and epic. Consept Lightwork AKA Avihai Tsroya , Artist from Jerusalem, Israel is back with some very old unreleased and some new material. After working with Timewarp Records on his first EP - Basics Of Consciousness - and VA Call Of Goa VOL3, He decided to take a step forward and release his favorite tracks he was working for years back , and even played them in some underground raves "I saw people going crazy on my music jumping like its thier best moments , some people telling me until today how my music changed there life ,i saw people climbing on trees and crawling on the ground". This may be Consept Lightwork best album so far with a very very unique music looking forward for people to hear. Consept Lightwork is insisting on a tight sound with clean crystal sound he was learning by himself since he was just a kid. This is a new age of Goa-Trance music these days and if people looking for a new kind of Goa-Trance this might be there answer Consept Lightwork - Moments Of Magic.



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Aspartic    70

What a great appearance on The Call Of Goa 3!!
I'm at work now, but I can't wait to get home and listen to the samples. Yeaaaahjj!

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