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Artist: Fiery Dawn
Title: Magus
Label: Timewarp Records
Date: February, 2018

1. Dancing Fire (feat. Omneon)
2. Electro
3. Kundalini
4. Nightfall
5. Searching For UFOs
6. Tartarus
7. Wings of Fantasy
8. Magus
9. Flying To Infinity


Yeahh....I'm gonna file this in the "just because it's goa doesn't mean it's super awesome" folder.  This is Giorgi Shavgulidze with his debut album and unfortunately it sounds like he released a bunch of sketch pad ideas.  Tracks that go nowhere, sounds that aren't really inviting...it just doesn't work for me.  Even the parts that begin to build momentum don't develop into anything worth writing home about.  The lack of supporting sounds and layers is also evident thus diminishing the final return.

 It's 2018.  Need to step your game up.


Timewarp Bandcamp

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Well damn I have to agree. I didn't bother to listen to the album but did as always enjoy the words of the OP reviewer. Then I didn't tthink more of it until the kicma person replied. I still didn't bother to listen but I did take notice in his claim of the "one of the best tracks" comments. Today I saw Redo (ready? are you sweedish?) and decided to push play on the recomended track by kicma. And boy oh boy was I surpised. This is awesome oldschool Goatrance imo. Really stellar and great progression, melodies and sections that keep my interest not only by ear but also by emotion. I listened to the Tartarus track and let the album play it self out to the end because it felt so good. Now I've pushed play from the top, and am currently at track number 2, Electro. Wow, great album so far. I'm lovng it, thats for sure. Maybe the OP reviewer needs to spin it in his car on another round around the drive-through. ***oh shit, i actually had to puke while writing this. I haven't had breakfast yet and I swallowed a multivitamine earlier today. Weird taste.


*Then again I'm not a great Goatrance knower, or purist :rolleyes:

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I was also into Tartarus, acidic track that reminded me an improved sound of old Shakta. Since we are talking about 2018 releases, so far my preference goes to Lectro Spektral Daze (from what I have managed to listen this year). 

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