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VA - The Call Of Goa Vol. 3 - New Horizons


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Title: The Call Of Goa Vol. 3 - New Horizons
Label: Timewarp
Release date: February 2018


        01. Nova Fractal & Median Project - Gravitational Field                        
        02. Omneon - Deep Space                                        
        03. Median Project - Unearthly Winds                      
        04. Consept Lightwork - Between Dimensions                    
        05. Innerself - A New Breed Of Reality                    
        06. Jaraluca - Yin And Yang                                 
        07. Siam, Ion Vader, Cactus Arising - 1000 Waves                                
        08. Event Horizon - Shiganshigana                              
        09. Sykespico - Disparsion                                    
        10. Persia Vibe - No Limit In Galaxy        


        01. Zopmanika & Innerself - The Origin Of The Universe                    
        02. Consept Lightwork - Constant Channeling                  
        03. Clementz - A Dream About Saturn                           
        04. Omnivox - Stellar Collapse                             
        05. Clementz - Pernille                                     
        06. Alantis & Median Project - Supernova                               
        07. Sky Technology - A Ray Of Light                           
        08. Hypnoxock - The Choice Is Yours                            
        09. GoaD - Planet Overdrive                                  
        10. The Maniac - Uploaded Astronaut


2018 already counts 4 months now and we've had a few excellent goa releases and albums so far. But this one takes the crown!

And honestly, I have never come across a goa compilation, ever, that is so varied, fresh and full of wonderful energetic monsters.
Timewarp is a sublabel of Ovnimoon, a parent label that is less and less shy of incorporating goa elements or even full flash goa tracks in their comps and albums. The Timewarp sublabel focuses on goa, with da master Nova Fractal in charge.

Together with DJ Lurfilur, Nova Fractal has compiled a two-discer full of new school goa trance.
I never heard of DJ Lurfilur before, but he's Swedish, seems to know his game and he's wearing a Suntrip t-shirt on his discogs photo.. Can't go wrong there. :-)

When it comes to goa compilations, there always tends to be some filler tracks on there that you skip anyways. Just to get to the good stuff.
But The Call Of Goa Vol. 3 is none of that.

It's a Tyrannosaurus Rex of a compilation!


This compilation is filled with class act, addictive, perfectly made GOA trance. The mastering is ace, nothing sounds bland or harsh. It's all energy from start to finish.
All new school heroes are present here: Nova himself, Hypnoxock, Median Project, Clementz, Omnivox, Omneon, Cactus Arising, ... you can see the tracklist. It's amazing.
But the music behind the tracklist is even more amazing. All artists showcase their talent and the best they've got. The tracks tell a story and actually go somewhere. High.

Including some newer names such as Consept Lightwork and Persia Vibe. All good.

And ending with a 160 BPM crazy twister from The Maniac just tops it off. Even though it's ridiculously fast, it works!!

I can't go and detail every single track here, since it's impossible and it has no use.

Goa trance compilations have a new standard now, and Timewarp has set it right here, right now.

Get this one if you even remotely like goa trance. It's just perfect and will make you smile for more than two hours! :D


Psyshop link

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Gosh!! Thank you Aspartic for THE AMAZING REVIEW!! <3 <3 <3
And thank you all for amazing support. We have after all, set the standard of modern goa trance!!

Thank you Timewarp Records, Renato (Nova Fractals) and thank YOU all involved artists!!!


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48 minutes ago, Timewarp Records said:

Thanks for the nice review and support! <3


btw DJ Lurfilur is also Suntrip label DJs :)

I am, also a Neogoa label DJ. :D

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Been dabbling in and out of this comp since it's release. I cant even count how many shattered bandcamp hearts i've created. You're review has tipped me though, gonna buy later today.


The Zopmanika track is straight bliss, probably the standout for me. Sykespico nails it too. I'm normally a little disappointed when an artists single strays from their latest album, Hypnoxock breaks that wall down like it's 1989, track is stellar and it's great to him sticking with Goa. 

You're right about all these artists really starting to cement their place as new school heroes. Probably why Compilations are coming out so hot at the moment

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I just did a re-listen to CD 1. I appreciate Cactus, Siam, Innerself and Concept on another level now. Instead of flowing their leads through the rest of the track elements it feels like they drop it down from above like lighting. Cutting through all the layers. The way they position their tracks is pretty hot. 

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I'm hearing different stuff too when I listen to it over and over again. When it seems like just another goa comp, it really isn't!
There are more layers and intellect to it. Hot stuff here.  :D

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Thank you for your amazing words! <3

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