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Taica - Those Who Are Hidden EP

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Mindspring Music Presents: Taica - Those Who Are Hidden [MSM051]

Available on Bandcamp


As the forest-bound synthscapes of Taica’s “Those who are Hidden” slowly rumble in the distance,
reggae inspired myriad of enchanting vocals, shimmering chimes,and soulful electronica patiently
waits. Served chilled, the catchy rhythms and head-bobbing dub of this short-but-sweet adventures
a satisfying oasis of relaxation. The pleasant tincture of warm tones and deep arpeggiations
casts a special, heartfelt low over listeners, a soothing experience perfect for both meditative
introspection or foot-stomping dance. The tribal atmosphere mixed with progressive melodies
makes for quite the auditory journey in this kingdom of harmony, and we know you’re going to love it.

1. A Perfect Circle 
2.Root Force 
3. Greetings From Chaos 
4.Those Who Are Hidden

Artwork: TRS 
Mastering: Stephen Moon 
Biography: Nick Sumbles

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