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Mindspring Music Presents: Hivetribe - Islands Of Fluor [MSM049] 

Available on Bandcamp

Hivetribe returns to us with their second solo album and now we get even deeper into the story of the Sacred Forest.
We travel far beyond it actually. Over the oceans and to the very Islands of Fluor where we meet the great Shoo.
Brother of the Little Sorcerer we touched upon in  Jams In The Sacred Forest.

Shoo is a brave warrior and we get the chance to hear his story and his thoughts about all the battles he had for his
omeland and how brave he is. All that combined with images of Talking Shapes and Neon Troops that guard the land
create a magnificent glowing territory where only love and peace is in charge.



1. Water Zest 07:51
2. Tale of Shoo 08:29
3. 82 08:46
4. Talking Shape 05:15
5. Neon Troops 07:42
6. Luminous Blossom 07:19
7. Over the Translucent Hills 

Genre: Psychill 
Handpan: TatAko 
Artwork: TRS 
Mastering: Stephen Moon 
Biography: Hivetribe

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