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Ephedra: What The Future Brings (Goa Madness Records) OUT NOW!

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Buy here: Bandcamp 

Goa Madness Records is very proud to present you the new album of Ephedra: "What The Future Brings"
After the success of his first 2 albums, Alexandre Cohen is back with 9 full length tracks filled with acid sounds, crazy melodies & groovy rhythm's.
The album starts with some more twisted feelings. In Search Of Flying Saucers, Flowing Into The Night, Twisted Keys & Machiavellian will reveal some different atmospheres of what Alex showed us in the past.
Expect deep atmospheres, weird lead sounds, growling acids & melodies. The album then introduces 2 collaborations: Savannah Monk trail (feat Imba) will reveal an atypical tribalistic track filled with groovy percussions and wicked samples, while Cosmic Collaboration (Feat Proxeeus) blends perfectly the acidic & twisted sounds of the French master Jerome Lesterps with some more mellow and floating melodies.
The album then evolves into another dimension. Return To The N Life & Deep Inside Feelings will bring a very powerful groove with euphoric melodies. Floating souls will make sure you have a proper landing with some beautiful & deep sounds.

We hope you will enjoy this album and if you ask yourself what the future brings... Well, the madness continues!    


1: In Search Of Flying Saucers
2: Flowing Into The Night
3: Twisted Keys
4: Machiavellian
5: Savannah Monk Trail (Feat Imba)
6: Cosmic Collaboration (Feat Proxeeus)
7: Return To The N Life
8: Deep Inside Feelings
9: Floating Souls

Artwork by: Sati

Preview: Soundcloud


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MrAnarchy    221

Hell yeah! The preview sounds AMAZING. Looking forward to this

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Penzoline    337

Great! Ephedra is one of the most solid producers these days. Love to cover too.

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Shpongled247    76

Goddamn I need more $$ aside for all the good stuff coming out the past few weeks!

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antic604    499
2 hours ago, GoaMadnessRec said:

Out now :)

You can grab your copy here: bandcamp

Purchased! I'm buying Ephedra's (and most of Goa Madness') releases blindly, so this was a no brainer! <3

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