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Do you remember 1st one released on 98??? yes..!

Tsuyoshi's compilation album Forever Psychedelic 2 is soon to be release! We think many people does recognize art work from Organix.. it also return!

Official release date will be 30th March on Beatport first, please wait date of release, full track sample is below.



Forever Psychedelic 2

Label : Matsuri Digital

Artist : V.A.

Cat No. : MD017

Official Release date : 2018.4.13

Beatport Exclusive : 2018.3.30


///Track List///

1. Endora – Joy ( Oforia vs Tsuyoshi Suzuki vs D.E.D.E. Remix )

2. Tsuyoshi Suzuki & Jikooha – The Land Of 505

3. MTL (FUNKY GONG x Ubar Tmar) – Megathrust

4. DJ James Monro– Vantage Point

5. Kurosaki Tamao (K.U.R.O. x Ubar Tmar) – Future OM

6. D.E.D.E. – Planet Drugs

7. Oforia – What Did That Make You Feel




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I listened to the first 2 tracks:
The remix of Endora - Joy is remarkable, and I am surprised no one remixed this track before (or I am not aware of it).
The second track by Tsuyoshi and Jikooha is very nice too. Is it a tribute to The KLF - What time is love?

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