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Sab Kuch Milegator - Surrounded By Surreality

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Hiya! Here's my 3rd...

Sab Kuch Milegator - Surrounded By Surreality


1. Surrender To Surreality (Intro) 01:20

2. Extrapyramidal Twerking On A Pyramid (Rmx) 11:31

3. Twistortion Rodeo 11:24

4. Caramel Carousel 09:00

5. First You, Then Others & 3rd Eye 11:59

6. The Point Of No Yes No (Overwrite Engaged) 12:28

7. Disorient Express 07:48

8. Gringrinder 11:48


This is the 3rd album by Sab Kuch Milegator. It's been a mountain of work, 1000+ hours in front of the computer killing my upper back + shoulders! x) 

I reckon this is more mature and developed album than my previous ones. I've tried to make journey-like, alive tracks that keep on surprising you till the very end. Stylistically I'd place this between forest and Goa trance - I'd like to say it's pushing the envelope for both genres. Lastly I'd mention that one of my main goals composing this album was to fill the whole frequency range - quite much the only way to make complex music without sounding irritating or tiring the listeners ears. :)

The album art is made by Hilla Österberg with additional art design by Void, Tyhjyys. 

Mastering is made by Colin 'OOOD' Bennun. 

If you want to support me by buying the album, keep in mind that the 15e for the (limited 100 copies factory pressed!) physical CD copy INCLUDES shipping.

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I'd like to update that I was travelling in Southern Africa for a month hence this album has been "sold out" for a while. However, there are still copies left and you can purchase the album on bandcamp again. 

Thank you for supporting and helping me fund the future SKM releases!


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