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Trold / Time Machine EP [Forestdelic records]

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Loud sound, smoke and crackling noizes!!? Swirling through the tunnels of the past and the future, the "Time machine" has arrived in 2018! The two Trolds together with some backup from the Brazilian artist Teorema will poke your feet untill you dance like crazy! This E.P. delivers four blasting tracks that Trold fans around the world will recognize and appreciate for sure! Forestdelic is very glad to welcome the famous Norwegian band Trold aboard the ever expanding crew alongside some close old friends and a couple of new ones. Enjoy these full power psychedelic vibes from the far north and be sure to play them loud!

Artist: Trold
Album: Time Machine EP
Label: Forestdelic records
Format: Digital
Mastering by: Ognen Zafirovski
Cover artwork by: Tijana Šušnica
Release date: 21.03.2018.

01 Trold - A Marvelous Sensation
02 Trold - The Nature of the Universe
03 Trold & Teorema - Forever Campinas
04 Trold & Teorema - Materialized Thoughts


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