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New MWNN album?

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Interview with DJ Emok of Iboga:

"Any upcoming releases you want to mention?

Gaudium and Atmos albums on the way to be released this year on Iboga Records. There’s also a new Man With No Name album on Future Music, and a new GMS remix album. The legend Eat Static will release an album, but under his other alias, Strontium Dogs, a new project which is more psytech orientated."



Future Music is the psytrance sub-label of Iboga Records.


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Seems to me that the "normal" trance scene and the "psychedelic" trance scene is melting together in a new way the general trance scene has not seen in many year? It was the Paul Oekenfold Dragonfly time, and then it was the Yahel times with Tiesto, and then the progressive scene with Full-on and it ventured to the We Believe in the Power of Amarican Natives 1990's flashback of the tribal of i.e. ViniVici (together with Hilight Tribe, of course).. My (lack of) knowledge/recapping right there :)

Any opinions about this? I'd love to read someones view and recapping. 

Besides life and all - drug use aside and let the music be the music please; It seems to me that the one trance side consume the chemicals (simple), and the other side (is supposed to) consume entheogenics (more on the difficult side). IBOGA.. Its like the father of psychedelics right, where ayahuasca is the mother? Synthetic? Both GHB and LSD are synthetic, you pick your choosing. One is associated with Full-on Prog. 

e. R' Iboga doing a kinda "cconverting vegetarians" thing, or did it start out like that, that's to say, help people out of an abusive drug- and lifestyle and in to the wonders and love of Psytrance, or does it make these (young) people become E'tards? Im not sure..... Soma of these warriors are amazing people make no doubt. Protectors, lovers, fighters, hippies at soul. Generalizing folks has never been a good idea. 1 love 1 family 1 earth 1 party 1 future 1 containing many numbers. Diversity 

e2. I'd like to take a second and talk about diversity: 

But first some music here at radiopiousspam

yes they do great in the DJing ;) its same same but different (one inspired the others basstart)

Diversity. I love this video, because of all the individuals. They are diverse, they are all unique in their own way. Sure they act as one and there are some grouping going on. But they are 1. See the trees for the forest. Did this make some non-sense? Thumbs up its kinda random (no persons feelings are meant to get hurt or especially insulted by this weird but true post, especially MWNN, thank you)



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a few days ago in a interview with martin freeland on radiozora, He played a new Track called (The here and now).
martin said that he played an early version of this track at ozora festival in 2011,but the track had no title back then.
and many people was asking about this track.
the new album is released in november.
and the new track sounds fantastic btw :)

interview now on soundcloud


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On 6/10/2018 at 2:42 PM, Imba said:

Waited for this one so long, finaly is coming :wub:



dont be too optimistic.the new version as played in the above radioozora set is less much less attractive(at first breakdown with voices and flipper noises).

while the original has more a break-ish feeling

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I always considered him to be riding the line for the get go; which isn't a negative.

There is a place for that type of acidic, high energy, powerful psychedelic trance. Lots of melodies and dripping with cheese. He always had some tracks which didn't work for me, but I appreciated that his music worked for so many different people and he had far more hits than misses.

Looking forward to hearing what his new album sounds like. I'm expecting it to be more of a modern trance sound, but I'm sure there will be a couple of gems on the album and any new MWNN gem is worth getting. When he hits big, he hits huge.

Much respect and he's still on my Hit the Lottery Dream Line-Up festival I'd put together....

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On 2/28/2018 at 3:23 PM, Jaza said:

(..) and Atmos albums on the way to be released this year on Iboga Records.

...well that clearly didn't come to fruition, did it?

I'm even waiting for his "Lords Of 16th" TRACK since THREE YEARS :(

In case you wanna know what I mean by that --> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-DUZ3l1aUvo&t=4020s (yes the timestamp really is 4020 ... now go watch B) )


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