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Do you have a recommendation on a really calm ambient album to sleep to


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The title says it all (album), and i did find this topic but other then ISHQ i didn't take so much actual help from it without checking out all the recommendations, which includes a lot of albums not really that calm for sleeping. Whats you best tip? 36?


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I think you need drone.

Drone on the "psy ambient" side:

(I can't really post a track out of it ... the whole thing is one track)


More traditional drone (to me):

(The album is also called "The Starwheel")

or this if you dare :ph34r: :


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Sleep Research Facility - Deep Frieze:



Sleep Research Facility - Nostromo:



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LOL man I remember once falling asleep to my ambient and downtempo playlist which has some dark ambient albums and I had some elm street shit shuteye kid you not, anyways space ambient with soft pulsating interludes always gets me in a hazy limbo mood so it might work for ya


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@WarpedMind guess what, I have developed the same problem ... I can't sleep to drone or dark ambient anymore, I get feelings of uneasiness ... can't even do psy ambient anymore, it makes me sad and feel alone ... but, joy of joys, I have found exactly what is needed in my situation - light ambient, that is positive and on the fantasy side:

The Guild of Ambience are the best. They really do this specific type of ambient, exactly what I need: no darkness, no depression. Instead, a sound so clear and crisp that you almost begin to smell that mountain air...

They also have ASMR noise of old mansions with howling wind and rain - or ships with their creaking wood and gentle rolling waves ... I really like to sleep to these sounds aswell...

I'm recommending that Guild especially because their productions have a degree of warmth and gentle mastering, that is very suitable for my ears.

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