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Silver Lake Festival 2018, Poland


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Th, 16 Aug '18, 19:30 - Fr, 17 Aug, 19:30

Jezioro Srebrne w Osowcu
46-023 Osowiec Śląski, Polska


Good vibes, tolerance and understanding of nature. We are back in 2018 with more fresh ideas. 


Special guest: WISHI / Live [Russia] [World People Production]

Main Stage

Alagos / Lord Of Andromeda / Live [Łódź]
Art B [Precepcja/WDobrymRytmie,Tarnów] 
Axell Astrid [Reson8 Music / Goa Records]
Cicko [CZ]
Clas6 [PsyWest Crew]
CO [Kraków]
Cybernetixx [CZ] [Silver Lake Festival]
Djane Anais [Mantara, Warszawa]
Docent [Wrocław]
Epix [Pulsar TranceFormation]
Explosis [Mantara, Warszawa]
Fiszu [PsyWest Crew]
Fonzey [We Are Aliens]
Graphic [SynaPsy, Poznań]
Haivico / Live [Kraków]
Hermetic / Live [Luk-Si Records] [CZ]
Invoker [Kraków]
Jorgos Petrovski [FIN]
Mescal [We Are Aliens]
New Mice [Wrocław]
Nolax Live [AT]
Ophir [Wrocław]
Pixi Elf [Wrocław]
Proxima Centauri [Katowice]
Psychotrop / Live [Poznań]
Psylex [UK]
Psysutra [Neogoa Records, Katowice, 10th Anniversary Tour]
Satanic Electro / Live [Warszawa]
Slavic Shaman / Live
Shroomi [FIN]
Technik 303 [Wrocław]
TheM [Szczecin]

Chill Stage

Al-Lad [Wrocław]
Antek [Burning Man, Kraków] 
Art B [Percepcja / Lazy Beats Tarnów] 
Axell Astrid [Reson8 Music / Goa Records]
DNL [Eyeseed, Bielsko - Biała] 
Fonzey [We Are Aliens, Nowy Sącz]
Invoker [Kraków] 
Jorgos Petrovski [FIN]
KTM [NewMoon, Katowice]
Martinii [Prepar, Katowice]
MalinaPsy [Police]
Mescal [We Are Aliens]
Moony [Poznań]
NBSE [Warszawa]
Ophir [Wrocław]
Panda On The Bamboo Tree / Live [Uxmal Records]
Pocachontas [Katowice]
Project 522 / Live [Warszawa]
Shroomi [FIN]
Technik 303 [Wrocław]
Temple Of Dakini / Live [Warszawa]


Facebook Event: https://www.facebook.com/events/835580923267462/



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