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Downtempo mixes recommendations


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I've found lots of great trance sets in the DJ Mixes section, but I've been disappointed with the downtempo sets more often then not, so I've stopped downloading them. But I'm sure I've missed some great sets. Please post your favorite downtempo and ambient mixes.

Here's an ambient mix of mine that I often listen to when I'm reading:


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 Bringing this thread back from the dead.

I'd like to share something I created way back in the winter of 2011.

An obscure and abstract mixed set of electronic music and noise with heavy sampling from the works of H.P Lovecraft..


It's more on the experimental side and unfortunately for me, the audience will never know or understand just how much work was involved in making this set. It wasnt your normal run of the mill "play track 1 mix in track 2, wash rinse and repeat." There was a theme to follow and in order to stay true to the source material I needed to use samples and create samples by sampling samples and using those samples to sample the samples. A perfect example (hey that sorta rhymed) is the intro. That was created by recording each individual voice sample and then mixing back and forth between all the different voices to create an entirely new voice sample. The whole purpose of the cacophony of voice sampling was a nod to lovecraft's reoccurring themes of ones own sanity and the effects of losing your sanity...

 Using my creations as well as samples from official H.P Lovecraft audio books, I was able to put together a naration of sorts that plays throughout the mix in 4 chapters. After everything was finalized and recorded, about 2 months after starting... i had to re-record it to add a loop track that plays in the background from start to finish. It's just a 2 second voice sample of Nick Blinko from Rudimentary Peni endlessly repeating "Papus Adrianas." The whole project was just too ambitious and I dont think many people will "get it." Not only that, the amount of work involved was exhausting and it had a direct effect on the second half of the mix where i just wanted to be done with it and admittedly rushed through it. I'm quite satisfied with how the first 30 mins turned out though especially the intro I created and the sample work throughout the opening track. 


Anyway.. here it is..



Dont be afraid to give negative feedback if and when it's called for..



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