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Battle of the future buddhas/ Schlab VINYL


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So, there was a discussion on Schlabbaduerst Rekkords group (https://www.facebook.com/groups/12107835483/) on facebook regarding a vinyl pressing.

This post is about trying to gauge the interest if there is any, discuss ideas, means of achieving and having a general discussion about one of our favourite label and artist, Schlab and David respectively. 

Few questions which I would like to hear your answers :

# Would you participate in a crowdfunding activity for a Schlab/BoTFB vinyl.? If yes, what will be the amount you will be comfortable pledging and for what period of time will you be willing to wait. 

# Would you be ok with a 180gm double vinyl of an album or would you prefer a single 10"/12", please do mention what you wish to be pressed. 

#If we ended up succeeding in turning this idea into a reality and the vinyls are pressed in Sweden itself, would the high shipping prices affect your decision to pledge.? 

Please note that this activity is being provided out of self-interest and David would be informed about this topic, how this topic is received and the responses shared here are definitely important and they might encourage David to pursue the idea. 

All final decisions will of-course reside with David. This is just our way of showing interest and encouraging him to purse this idea. 


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I'd love a Schlab-vinyl but I'm in a really shitty financial situation xD Could probably donate a 10-15$ or so to support the project, the Schlabbaduerst-gang has done so much for the music that it would be a shame not to, but that's about it for the moment.

About waiting time, I don't see it as that important. Give it the time that it would need. I suppose singles are a tad cheaper to produce? Would be really cool to have a Botfb - Ka-sol split single, of course a double vinyl would be awesome too. I live in Sweden so kinda hard to answer your last question, if it actually were pressed I'd buy it if I could afford it. 

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11 hours ago, Anoebis said:

Actually Twin Sharkfins and Domestic Bliss were released as a vinyl... Mister Fantastic would be cool too and Sly! But I think the fact the other classics were released already on vinyl influences yes-sayers... 

Those would be my picks too :D
along with some crazy downtempo tunes from Schlab yellow comp. 

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The last discussion regarding vinyl issues (I told him I'd be willing to donate money) David said he would check things up... pressing plant and production costs etc. It is in the link above by starkraver.

This was months ago now and at least I have not heard anything from him... hopefully he'll get back.

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I would prefer an album release - on a single record or as double vinyl  - that does not matter.

If you like to start a crowd-funding project, you may check out Diggersfactory because they manage the crowd-funding, the pressing and finally shipping. Furthermore, the project is fully searchable and people may find it if they just search for "Psytrance" projects there.

By the way, we also self-released an album on vinyl last year, but it was completely pre-financed by us without any crowd funding. Our pressing was done by Flight 13 and we are very pleased with the result.

If you want to get pressed a small edition, a large part are the fixed costs of it. Some pressing plants offering a full service (including the master cut, the pressing and the cover printing) have web-based online price calculators on their web pages. You may play around with them to find out a lucrative solution for that what you consider to do. And you should also note how many records you expect to sell and how many you need to sell. If the edition is too small, the production price per item is higher than anybody may pay for the record. If it is too high, you will never sell them all.


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