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Best hip hop from your hood?


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Hey Swedish rap (I hope it's Swedish and you don't kill me) is cool :D

I like the Swedish language. I do not understand a word, but towards me it emits a strange kind of peace.  

But I have to admit, the Swedish language fits best to women singing ... with a clear, elven-like voice :wub: ... I might one day make a thread...

Back to topic

The stuff I recommend (most of it) has the aggression I miss in the swedish stuff:

In my h00d there are the Vamummtn which used to be quite good...

(OK the melody is stolen, but he compensates with skill, you have to admit)

They have lots more and are quite good, but you won't understand a thing when you don't speak geman :(

You will probably dig this more ... the guy is from Baden ... not the h00d but really not far away, just a short "tram" ride:

but nobody can hold a stand against these guys from LINZ (ey, Linz is not my h00d but Austria's so small it can almost count as it :D ) ... they are just the best ... dialect rap like a shotgun

"Dei Haus wird gschützt und bewocht wia a G8 güpfe, owa vü hots ned gnutzt wö i steh am Doch und loch du züpfe!"
your house is protected and guarded like a G8 summit, but that didn't help much because I stand on the roof and laugh, you dick

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ll that might be because Scandinavian language, Danish, Norwegian and Swedish are Germanian languages.. Especially NO and DK. Original Norwegian language is Icelandic, now we speak a clear version of danish, kinda.. Norwegians do not know how to talk Icelandic (old norwegian)
I like all the tracks you posted but maybe most the one by Rucgrat 
As for them elves ... .hmmm.... idonnobutthispopisstar

but let's retrn to hiphop & rap from you country ,)




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^ Uff bro, i do not know how anyone can hate hip-hop. Pretty much a rough The Prodigy imitated track you posted there, and they suit it well.  Cool stuff, hard shake. Hard hands being thrown around. Thanks for sharing! ruffindajungle

 more direct from my actual hOOd; 


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Dude ....

it's NOT from MY country but I have found really good stuff I'd say ... I have a fascination for songs in languages that I do not speak ... here is some:





Here is a playlist ... these are all from there but there's more: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLt-j8Op3VdjRn2umdmELRa8W0BZYYGQpT


I collect sh*t like that ... if you got some killargh rap in foreign language: post it here and I might add ^^

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Tatarin is a really very good track but i don't quite get how it may be appealing to people who don't understand Russian and live outside of Russia. It's sort of very local thing.  The story behind it is actually almost autobiographical.


How Noggano's music managed to leak into the first world is beyond me at all.

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Well, if you analyze the songs that I posted ... it's not about the text (since I do not understand a word of what they say) ... but it's a combination of the other elements:

- music and sound effects
- structure of beat and melody
- the singer's voice itself and the different sounds uttered
- body language ... in Tatarin for example you can hear her smile
-  and finally the video itself and the story it presents to the viewer

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To continue with the theme of rap in other languages, I'll contribute with two rap tracks from Spain, one from Turkey,  and one from France.

What I like about them is first and foremost how well made they are melodically, and beatwise. And I also just love how other languages sound. Despite not understanding a word of the Turkish track, I can appreciate the vibe and sentiments conveyed.

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From where I grew up, I live far from there now. A couple of old classics. =))


Now I'm in the middle of Sweden, and I can't find any good Virus tracks on youtube. So I lets hear some from the north, where I go at least once every year. =))


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