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Eat Static - Prepare Your Spirit

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Eat Static - Prepare Your Spirit (Alien Records 1992)



A1 Hallucinate

A2 Fudge

A3 Worm-Lips

A4 Instinct

A5 Eat-Static

A6 Destiny

A7 Raga

CD 1 Bonus:

8 The Plot 

9 Kinesis

B1 Almost Human

B2 Om Machine

B3 Cyber-Funk

B4 The Watcher

B5 Higher State

B6 Woman Is Life

B7 Medicine Wheel

B8 The Fourth Dimension

CD 2 Bonus:

9 Humm ll

10 The Element...


 It's funny - 'Abduction' is often regarded as the first Eat Static album and yours truly included thought so back in the days. The reason 'Prepare Your Spirit' perhaps never had such a wide recognition is because the album was initially only released as a limited edtion cassette (the artwork on that one is epic though, gotta admit) so only the lucky few got a hold of the album back then. And as many know, 'Abduction' was already a whole another story distribution and sales wise. 

I believe this album was kinda "resurrected" when this double cd version was printed. And it's a great version too, holding a couple beautiful extra tracks not to be found on the original cassette release. The music is a bit tricky to put in words with my limited imagination... I think essentially this album carries that UK rave-scene attitude of the early 90s with some added alien/ufo thematics - its sample trickery is almost second to none (Double Dee & Steinski are hard to match) and there are certainly lot of effects with definite extraterrestrial feel. A few tracks such as the self-titled 'Eat Static' or 'Destiny' sound remotely like the psytrance you'd only begin to hear around '95. And then you have 'The Watcher' with it's furious 148bpm beat, what a tune! Sure this track has a bit of that "rave scene" smell to it, but let me tell you it's years ahead of the fast banging psytrance that followed. Truly a pioneering track if something ought to be highlighted on this album. 

I was initially thinking about writing here "Grab your copy asap!" but it seems finding one these days seems like the biggest obstacle. But if you do, well, you know what to do. :)

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