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WOTE - Sekhem-A-Kheftiu Ep


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Artist: WOTE (Worms of the Earth)
Title: Sekhem-A-Kheftiu
Label: Timewarp Records
Date: October, 2017

1. Umes (Opening the Hidden Doors)
2. Sekhem-A-Kheftiu
3. Tesert-Baiu

"You know you cannot escape death, but immortality can be obtained."


This movie looks awesome! 

I always appreciate artists asking me to write reviews because most of the time it means that they have read my work and find that it has some value.  Writing reviews is a time consuming process  so getting asked to write one helps me continue to want to do it.  This is the solo project of Dan Barrett from DC...wait, you're from DC?

I'm not saying I have a lot of rotten fruit and pungent dog feces lying around, but if I did... do you think you could make a delivery to a certain bloated douchebag?  His address is 1600 Pennsylvania something or other.  You can't miss him.  Just follow the trail of lies and stupidity.

Anyway Dan Barrett's Discogs page describes him as a dark electronic project with a few releases.  I've never heard any of his material, but like a diligent detective I thought it proper to educate myself.  Listening to some of his earlier material reveals his industrial side sounding oftentimes like an early more primitive version of FLA with tribal affects.  As a fan of FLA this is appealing to me.  So with high hopes I gave his latest effort a listen through.

Unfortunately this doesn't have a tenth of the raw industrial feel or the layered detail of the older stuff.  This is a three track digital ep that was mainly full-on with some psychedelic touches and goa flavor which mainly comes off as bland and uninteresting.  The production is quite good sounding very professional so for that he should be commended.  The only track that held any interest for me was the opener which sounded akin to something from Zion604.

I find his strength so far to be his dark ambient work.  While not Cold Meat Industry material  it's dark and moody (Thagirion - Mired In A River Of Drowned Bodies is a sample of a track title) with chants and whispered recitations that will make the hairs on the back of your neck stand up. Check out Sitra Achra if that's more your thing.

Timewarp Records

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