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VA - Rasa Lila - Compiled by Esoteric Bloom ( Lotus Feet Records) OUT NOW!

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"We are happy to present to you the second compilation of Lotus Feet Records – “Rasa Lila”, compiled by Esoteric Bloom. With 10 tracks in total, every artist takes us on a journey inside their own creative universe where enchanting melodies, acid bleeps, mystery and curiosity are manifested in a deep psychedelia. 
This release theme is inspired by Rasa Lila - the cosmic dance which initiates the entire cosmos to participate in its true spirit and form. Let us journey back from where it all began and beat the drum of creation to dance and celebrate."


01.Elliptic - Machine Elves 

02.Microsphere & Yabba Dabba - Skyzofriends 

03.Esoteric Bloom - Secret Space Program

04.Primordial Ooze - Madness and Mania

05.Sea Kohya - Sirens 

06.Awwen - The Doctor 

07.Elf De La Nooi - Les Plaisirs Du Froid

08.Dewaka - Wise Organism 

09.Isometric & Leopardtron - Innocent Aliens 

10.Ellwood - Under The Eclipse

Available on : 



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