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PharaOm & Somnesia - Santorin


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Artist: PharaOm & Somnesia
Title: Santorin
Label: Space Baby Records
Date: July, 2013

1. Message From Heaven
2. Zophina
3. Elytra
4. Toxic Kiss
5. God's Tears (Nova Fractal Remix)
6. Radioactivity
7. Neilos
8. Havoc
9. Frogs
10. Darkness
11. Hell-Heaven
12. Road To Exodus


I miss complete sentences.

2013.  Back to a time when I could wake up in the morning and not immediately wonder what the bloated pumpkin in chief had done to sh*t on my country.  Got poor?  F*ck 'em corporations are people too and they need your money.  Any new p*ssies to grab?  Remember, nazis are good people too.  Mary and Joseph it's only been less than a year and I'm literally exhausted from his constant buffoonery. 

But thankfully this isn't about him, it's about a digital collaboration that I feel flew way under the radar.  Two well known artists who got together and released a storming, melodic goa trance album.  They say don't judge a book by its cover, but c'mon.  Hello, rule...exception.  It looks like Egypt threw up all over Ra with this cover, so you know what type of goa trance is found within.  That aside these are two accomplished producers who probably understand that a certain amount of exploitation occurs when doing a concept album like this.  They take it tongue in cheek, realizing that goa trance music can be full of tropes and stereotypes.  Hell in one track they even have a sample that says, "OK guys it was just a joke."

So yeah this is the type of goa you think it is, but it is very well done.  Throw out the useless intro and outro and mostly what you have is rapid, twirling melodies sometimes hovering close to the nitzhonot line.   But fear not intrepid listener, because


And I love it.  Fast and furious mostly, but it's not always just four on the floor.  The breaks are well placed to allow the compositions to breathe.  The sound quality is great which really comes out when listening to all the layers.  This is one of those releases the collector in me would love to have in physical form.  

Beatspace Digital

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