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Nostromosis - My Way Ep


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Artist: Nostromosis
Title: My Way Ep
Label: Timewarp Records
Date: August, 2017

1. Psychedelic Space Mom and Baby (First Breath)
2. Old ROM
3. Sirena Cosm
4. Monomakh (Second Breath)
5. New Life (with Sonic Elysium)


Timewarp keeps chugging along and I for one am grateful for that.  That said when you produce a lot of material it's fair to say that not all of them will be home runs.  Nostromosis is Igor Sidorov from Mother Russia and I've always felt that his is on the lower tier of today's goa producers.  Nothing personal, but his sound isn't as polished and seamless as other artists.  His sound choice at times borders on annoying and none of his tracks have really impressed.  Unfortunately for me with this Ep he still seems to be stuck in this rut.  The second half of Sirena Cosm brings hope, but ultimately his tracks contain no drama or dynamism.  They're just...there.  Sorry, but this one's a pass from me.  

Timewarp Bandcamp


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