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Dj Wàkàme | Sunday Morning Psychedelika Sounds - FDLR Podcast 015 | 148 BPM

FusionDeLic Records

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Dj Wàkàme played to groovy twilight sounds at sunday acid morning in private studio.
Recording mainly the killer track released in 2017!!!
Good listen Happy People :)

FDLR Podcast 015

Groove Hunter , Nemo - Corridor Of Eclipses - Vertigo Records
Module Virus , Ingrainted Instincts - Experiences - Believe Lab
Rezonant - Dig Deep - Sun Station Records
Hypereggs - Queens Of The Stone Age (Ukauka Remix) - Sangoma Records
Virtual Light , Mark Day - Petty Fly For A Psy Guy - Believe Lab
Kusabi - Primordial Experiment - D Noir Records
LaaToka - Kemi - Sun Station Records
Oksha , Critter - Sample & Hold - Sun Station Records
Sagoam - MeccaniKailen - World People Production
Psiked’eliah , Slide - Fnkingallo
Dsompa , Animailen - Tropicaliens - Believe Lab
Tristan - Origens - Believe Lab


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