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JaraLuca - Fata Morgana


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Artist : JaraLuca

Album: Fata Morgana

Label: Goa Madness Records

Release date: October 12, 2017


01 Artha - Mahabharta (JaraLuca Remix)
02 JaraLuca - Solar Spectrum
03 JaraLuca - 604 Caliber
04 JaraLuca - Acidic Goacamole
05 JaraLuca - Just A Little Madness
06 JaraLuca - Fata Morgana
07 JaraLuca - Equilibrium
08 Lectro Spektral Daze - Quite A Trip (JaraLuca Remix)
09 JaraLuca - One Day In Cosmos

If you count the number of reviews in this 2017 section, it is scarce if you compare it to earlier years.
Some say it hasn't been a good year for goa, but I think a lot of quality albums and releases have seen the light of day this year.
We had the unexpected and amazing Hypnoxock album (still have to comment there) that came out of nowhere and many others.

Next in line, but certainly not least, hell no!, is JaraLuca from Poland.

Fata Morgana is JaraLuca's 2nd artist album, released on Goa Madness records, which is catching up big time.
His first album was Perpetuum Mobile of which I remember star tracks such as Existence, Minds Circus and Insomnia. The rest I have forgotten, sorry to say.

But here we have Fata Morgana. With beautiful artwork.

Every track oozes goa from start to finish. The opening track is easy, nothing too phrenetic. An easy start, but no peak timer.
Second up we have Solar Spectrum which gradually takes it up a notch but doesn't quite explode. Goa is there, but it's not immersive.
Anyway, we are warmed up. These two tracks are solid!

Brace yourselves, because play time is over and JaraLuca unleashes all his devils from now on.
604 caliber, Acidic Goacamole (haha, what a title man!), Just a little madness and Fata Morgana are crafted near perfection. I find myself in a whole different universe while listening to these goa monsters. Always changing, acidic, energetic,... just the way you expect them to go.
This is the real deal here. Beautiful sounds, very clear but most importantly a story to go crazy on!
Equilibrium could have been a bit crazier and daring, but it's still solid goa.

A remix is supposed to take a track to a whole new level or to use a different approach. Exactly what JaraLuca does to Lektro Spectral Daze's "Quite A Trip". A remix so good it already ended up on LSD's latest album in 2016. Better than the original if you ask me. Wider, spacier, better.

The, almost obligatory, downtempo closing track fulfils my satisfaction as my mind can come to ease in a decent yet hypnotic way.

What an outstanding job by JaraLuca! He has grown so much in production and story telling. This album makes me smile all the way because it is such crazy good smashing goa trance. How do you make this stellar music? It remains a mystery to me! I'm having so much fun listening to it and that's what it's all about.
I can't wait to see him live one day in Belgium.

Amazing music. What an effort! I salute you, Mr. JaraLuca. :)


Buy links:

Goa Madness Records bandcamp


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I just saw that party! Man, it's such a shame. On that date I'm going to A state of trance in holland with some friends. Can't back out of that one anymore.
If the tickets for Asot were not that expensive, I would have cancelled it and come to Dreamwave.
Hope to see you at another one in the near future man. Keep it up!!! :)

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Damn i'm glad you reviewed this. I was put off by the Mahabharta remix: The intro was hot but the rest of the track didn't make a lot of sense to me, I'll keep trying. Nevertheless I decided to pass the rest of the album up (Big mistake).
I've spent the last 2 weeks listening to Twisted for the first time and honestly wasn't sure where to go from there. Do i keep listening to old school classics? Do I continue lying in bed daydreaming about the Goa parties that i'll never experience? Or, do I somehow find my way back to the new? Well Jaraluca buddy, you got me there. Track 3-8 are absolute banging madness. 9 is as as Aspartic said, hypnotic and a sweet comedown from the rest of the songs.
I pretty much only say positive things about Goa, you producers have yourselves to blame for that :) and this album continues that trend. Great work, will buy later this week.

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