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Asia 2001 - Dreamland (BALLLP015) Vinyl Master Metal Dubplates *AS RARE AS IT CAN GET!*


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What is it?!
You're looking at the MASTER discs of the Asia 2001 album 'Dreamland', released as vinyl on Balloonia Ltd., with the Cat. Nr. BALLLP015, back in the year 2000.

See here for more details:

The music has been cutted into these discs. From these discs negative discs have been made. These negatives have been used for pressing the final vinyls.

That means these exist only ONCE, which makes them absolutely unique!
The album had 2 discs, that's why you see 4 master discs here (one for each side of the 2 discs).
This is an outstanding collector's item and should make every Asia 2001 über happy! :)

Since they exist only once it's hard to put a price tag on it.
So I stick with, make me an offer I can't refuse and they are yours! :)
Send me a private message with your offer!

By common grading standards, the condition is NM (Near mint).
You could play them on any turntable but that's definitely not recommended.

For example I got some other master discs in my living room hanging on the wall (Iboga 001 and Digital Structures 001).

Of course I sell all 4 master discs together only!

asia 2001.jpg


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