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♫♪ Kaleidoscapism 06:23

An imaginary musical kaleidoscope that rolls into a psychedelic party and rotates a pure escapist experience.

The very long name is actually a combination of two words: "kaleidoscope" and "escapism".

An inevitable combination if you think about it for a moment (or2:)



Release date: 17 October 2017


Written, produced and mastered by Oren Atiram

Artwork and video by Oren Atiram

Design concept: Kaleidoscopic-inspired visual equalizer


Download link


ATIRAMO Social networks

Facebook https://goo.gl/wp57DT

Soundcloud https://goo.gl/6kYBS6

YouTube https://goo.gl/yZCNKg

Instagram https://goo.gl/eVBzjq


ATIRAMO Streaming and download

Bandcamp https://goo.gl/iRax6Z

iTunes https://goo.gl/cWAQfB

Spotify https://goo.gl/2stq6f

Deezer https://goo.gl/Lv2NqM

TIDAL https://goo.gl/Aea9Y2

Shazam https://goo.gl/2C7jQm

Amazon https://goo.gl/45SP1g

iHeart Radio https://goo.gl/pEv2ef

Slacker Radio https://goo.gl/aZw6Mv

7digital https://goo.gl/RYXmrH

Napster https://goo.gl/R9KL2A


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