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Tuna Freaks (B2B Dj set) | Twisted & Acid Psychedelic Nights - FDLR Podcast 011 | 150 BPM

FusionDeLic Records

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Hello freaks!!

Tuna Freaks a.k.a. "Màgürô vs Kàtsuô " are special B2B units participating in FusionDeLic Records.
Recording mainly the killer track released in 2017!!!
Good listen Happy People :)

FusionDeLic Records podcast 011 - tracklist

Kaliohm - Just Another Mushroom Track - Unalome Records
Diksha , Tera - Inside Mind - Forestdelic Records
Kaliyuga - Bottom of the Sea - Sangoma Records
Buckle , Loom - Tolerance Issues - Forestdelic Records
Gabaascape - Simulated Experience - Anarchic Freakquency Records
Cosinus - Citizen 4 - Spontaneous Aerobics Records
Kebun - Technology - Woo-Dog Recordings
Delirium Tremens - Jungle Boogeyman - Woo-Dog Recordings
Shred’er - Digital Fingers - Nataraja Music
Oksha - Anandamide - Forestdelic Records
Psyked’eliah , Kusabi - Project Zero - World people & Dream Project Records
Evol Shaza - Amazing Amazon Maze - Dream Project Records

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