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Perfect Blind - Stratum Bonus EP (+ album CD)

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Deimos    20

PERFECT BLIND - Stratum Bonus EP [+ album CD] has been released on 16/09/2017!

Genres: Ambient / Downtempo / Chill Out / Trance

Get it on Bandcamp


The bonus EP that follows the release of Perfect Blind's new album "Stratum" contains 2 brand new tracks, a remix of the track from the album, plus 2 album tracks in their original (unmixed) length. All in 24bit quality! 

Along with it, there are lots of goodies avalable:

1. get a limited CD of the album Stratum, with 4-page booklet and beautiful artwork;
2. bundle it with my last album Wanderers, if you don't have it already (and get its 2 bonus tracks as well);
3. bundle it even more with the addition of my Deimos CD (few copies left);
4. get 1 of 10 original 15x15cm oil painted canvases for cover artwork (each as a separate item) + Stratum CD and bonus EP.
5. ...or just get the digital album - 5-track EP

All that bought a digital version of the album from BMSS, let me know to receive a 50% discount code for bonus EP+Stratum CD, or 30% for EP+CD+canvas


01. The Expanse (Ground Mix)
02. Escape Velocity (Full Mix)
03. Ancient Machinery (Full Mix)
04. Dej Mi (Bonus track)
05. Exxodus (Bonus track)

Playing time: 42:56


21272726_1430199533694797_1770003854248142963_o.jpg?oh=2570951c73ef8f7c10e371530c4126df&oe=5A5D539D 21273283_1430199220361495_2333217871154817950_o.jpg?oh=c1ae67658609e2d55b3c21894c4b7743&oe=5A5C9C5921248232_1430199463694804_7730126633324045718_o.jpg?oh=f12ac6da798b2728b03cb85d040ad7c9&oe=5A170367 21200829_1430199640361453_4558872729839014766_o.jpg?oh=4d7bfd4248670cc0dd218d954c10dc1a&oe=5A4FB16A

Canvases available:

0011213549_10.jpg 0011213629_10.jpg 0011213646_10.jpg 0011213735_10.jpg 0011213740_10.jpg 0011213746_10.jpg 0011213765_10.jpg 0011213768_10.jpg 0011213782_10.jpg 0011213794_10.jpg


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