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dj Inada - Cronomi Records @ ZNA 2017


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-This set was played @ the 'Goa Guardians night' @ the ZNA festival :wub: , in the summer of 2017. 




-Track list:
Intro (track 1+2):
1. Electric Universe - Alien Encounter (Part 1),
2. Etnica - Triptonite (Playa Mix),
3. Chi-a.d. - Organic Forms,
4. Kox Box - Neurobic,
5. California Sunshine - Wonderland,
6. Green House Effect - Kfar Saba Blues,
7. Xamanist - A New Day (unreleased),
8. N.D.MA. - The Answer (Gift),
9. Nuclear Ramjet - Minas Morgul + Astral Projection - Free Tibet,
10. Baas Complex - Show Your Fears (unreleased),
11. Hallucinogen - LSD (Artha remix) (unreleased),
12. Deedrah - Reload,
13. MFG - Wonderland,
14. Lapsus - The Porn Patrol (unreleased),
15. Wizzy Noise - Man In The Universe (unreleased),
16. UX - Master Of The Universe (live mix) (unreleased),
17. M-Run ft. dj Inada - Grandma's Candy (short edit) (unreleased),
18. M-Run ft. dj Inada - Emotion test (unreleased).



No need to record the set again at home, it was played than, and will stay like it was played, using the live vibe of the audience - pure :wub: energy!!!! Thanks to dj Psara :)




'njoy ;)

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