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i also don't see any other themes with safari 6.2.8 (don't laugh :) ). it's the same with chrome version 49.

are there also themes that don't look like they're made specifically for mobile? right now the list of forums is huge with lots of empty space. in the old version i could see all of the promotional area, the forums and part of the reviews at once. now i can only see the forums from artist news to visual promotion without scrolling. likewise, the posts seem to take up unnecessarily large amounts of space.

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30 minutes ago, juril said:


OK, I'll try that now - let me know what happens at your end. If I haven't heard back from you in a couple of hours I'll assume the worst and change it back.

e: Done.

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that is weird and I don't know what's causing it :-/

Didn't find anything after a quick search either

Maybe you wanna try out a different browser?

Alternative: setting the dark skin as a default for all members ... I'm quite tempted to do that, as I think the majority would prefer it anyway...


EDIT: I made a new thread for issues with the new board -- please refer to it for discussion ... because I think this will get a big topic

--> https://www.psynews.org/forums/topic/73764-the-new-board-issues-and-stuff/


In this thread the only thing I wanna say is THANK YOU to the people who donated -- you surpassed even my greatest expectations as to how fast this was through. THANK YOU ALL! You are a great community and you make me proud to be part of it :-)


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15 hours ago, Paul Eye said:

I can't post a reply to that thread. Anyone else have this?


5 hours ago, Themaniac said:

Yep.. cant reply.

This has been fixed now.

Sorry guys. The forum seems to have f*ked up the permissions for that section. I have restored order now (so that everybody can reply). We definitely had members posting there in the past - don't know why it was changed.

Thanks for the note :-)

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