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Artist: Various artists
Title: Lusadelic
Label: Woorpz Records
Date: 2017, June 9


01. Tryambaka Tryambaka - Underverse
02. Alienn - Gotcha 
03. Zinx - Personal Chaos 
04. D_Maniac - Unbroken Tradition Unbroken Tradition 
05. Lost In Space - Haunted By The Phantasm 
06. Demosys - I Can See Sound 
07. Juggling - Out Of The Box 
08. Myrah - Pink Happiness 
09. Psilocybe Project - Mass Media 



HappyHorse said it best when he said 'Good full-on exists'

On that note Woorpz records presents Lusadelic. This compilation is designed for dance floors and those of us that like hard pounding beats, crazy leads and strong acid (synths that is). I'm just going to call this psytrance since it is not... and let me be clear... it is not, like other full-on that i've heard.


On that note I have a little Portuguese something something for us all. D-maniac has compiled a list of all Portuguese artists and thrown it onto this compilation which is pretty hot...for your information. 


The compilation contains a bunch of banger's worth checking out, my favourite of which being - Personal Chaos, Underverse and Pink Happiness. Although not being easy to listen through from start to finish (Lacks variety) I don't think it was designed for such. The first half is probably the most exciting purely because You don't grow bored until about track 6. Luckily Myrah has a unique enough style to offer a fresh breath of air. I would not recommend listening to this one through and through. Take your time, play a few tracks here and there. Relax. Dance. Be free.


All in all some good tracks here. Not my usual sub-genre but still A LOT of lead focused tracks going on and plenty of change ups within the songs. Each song has something individually, it's only the compilation as a whole that I would critique.
10/10 would recommend to fans of full-on. 7/10 for the rest of us who want a little something different in our ears.


**Edit** I originally reviewed each song, but it didn't feel genuine, Full-on is hard to review individually so I changed it to the album as a whole as it was easier to vibe.



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