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Lifespirit - Talking With Osho [EP]


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Artist: Lifespirit
Title: Talking With Osho
Label: iM Electronica
Date: 2017, July
01. LifeSpirit – Tomorrow Never Comes (7:55)
02. LifeSpirit – There Is No Question (8:22)
03. LifeSpirit – Being in Love (8:24)
04. LifeSpirit – Deeper You Go (8:22)

"There are people who have philosophy of life but they don't have any life"
"Is that the philosophy of life"
"No" - Zip, Wurp, beep.
Simplicity can be bliss. You know it, I know, it goes without saying. Why am I saying it then? Because simplicity really can be bliss. 
Lifespirit epitomizes this. Talking with Osho is the EP brought to us by Lifespirit, Who I have not heard from until now. Almost no information exists for this ep, I don't even know how I got it and it's only been a week. Nevertheless Every song here progresses into a series of amazing melodies that follow a conversation with Osho who pops up for the intro's and breaks of each song. 
Tomorrow Never comes - An awesome intro into the EP, we meet Osho and the journey begins. I love how LS doesn't overuse the vocals or attempt to make it spiritual in that dicky sort of way. He has done a great job with this track. The melodies aren't to aggressive but make you wanna sway and jump and stomp your feet.
There Is No Question - A deeper, dreamier more atmospheric track than the first, the start of which reminds me of a Merkaba track. Everytime you think to yourself that the track should change it up a little it does just that. Right until the end where we are lead into a final minute of bliss. I like how he doesn't throw the best bits in where you might expect them. Oh and the simplicity of it all.
Being In Love - Picks up where There is No Question left off with a nice mix right into the tracks intro. Another slow steady progression into a great melodies that almost comes out of nowhere. Once again Lifespirit doesn't over use the melodies that he has concocted and changes it up pretty quickly.... Then It' back again, but better.  Oh Osho, so wise. 
Deeper You Go - Ill go deep with you Lifespirit. This track is easily the hottest on the EP. Those of you that love those crazy leads whirring in your ears Should love this. The track is hot Hot HOT. not going where you expect at first. Maybe that's the message behind it all. Who knows. We could never know, maybe that's the message. Maybe there is no message. Oh shit, Osho has taken me down the rabbit hole. 
All in all this is an awesome EP. He hasn't gone over the top at all and has focused on doing what he does right. I definitely recommend listening to this EP, even if that means a naughty DL. I also recommend listening to it as one piece. The tracks are nicely mixed into the next while there isn't a boring part. The tracks aren't the most layered tracks out there but I can see that being a big bonus for most of you.

I would say that if you ain't about that spiritual shit you should stay away ;). But I really can't, we should all go on a journey with Osho.



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Added a link in for track 1. There is a beatport link on google but it goes to a dead page.


Scheisse. I just threw and album up here that can't be purchased. Sorry for that gang, I assumed if I had it then it was out there. All the same give it a listen on YouTube, I made the review as I thought it would be something you would enjoy, didn't consider the fact that it would all be pretty useless without an official release.

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