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Artist: Scann-Tec

Title: Unyt

Label: Ultimae Records

Date: June, 2016


1. Snova I Snova

2. Unyt

3. Quantum Evo

4. Ne Viden

5. Svet

6. Kinostat

7. Parsec

8. Delta-V

9. Nadezhd

10. Turgenev





Russian artist Vladislav Isaev has released his third album and if you read his Discogs blurb the man loves sounds.  All sounds.  Any sounds.  He'd probably record the conversation between you and your mother telling you to visit more.  And what he's done with his sound collection is quintessential Ultimae.  The booming bass contrasted with the twinkling highs on Snova I Snova is a magnificent contrast and what you can expect to hear throughout the album.  The 24 bit sound is incredible filling the room with glorious imagery.  Unyt lopes along in a dreamy haze while Quantum Evo drops the slow hammer while a melancholy vocal soars above.  The juicy and sneaky bass amidst the high, puffy clouds of Svet is the stuff of dreams.  Parsec may be the pinnacle of lush, vibrant downtempo with its driving yet calming sound.  Delta-V is the most uptempo track here and has a long ambient buildup before the thumping kick arrives with  authority.


None of the tracks are in any hurry to get where they're going.  Matter of fact it's life in slow motion.    This truly is an example of the journey being more important than the destination.  Each sound is crystal clear with many layers and works well whether you're looking for a deep, meaningful trip or just some background music.  The whole thing is floaty and relaxing and isn't that what this type of music is supposed to do?


Nailed it.


Ultimae Bandcamp 

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