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Gido - Orange Sunshine


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Artist: Gido

Title: Orange Sunshine

Label: Blue Hour Sounds

Date: May, 2017


1. Tangerine Ice

2. Goa Merkabians

3. Sacred Substance Mechanizm

4. Orange Sunshine

5. Bangkoxx 2055

6. Via Gravity

7. Another Civilization

8. Mystical Vision

9. Space Pirates

10. Glowing Freedom





Seriously.  The debut album of one Adomas Juozapavicius from Lithuania was an album I was looking forward to.  Unfortunately after multiple listens I came away a wee bit disappointed.


Look nobody would like to see Blue Hour Sounds back on top more than me, but my goodness this sounds like one long track.  Where's the dynamism and variety?  The formula seems to be punchy bass preset which always takes center stage, gurgling sounds (which are great), and keep the melody on the light side.  Sacred Substance Mechanizm gave me hope as it seemed to be heavily layered and acidic, but that track was followed up by droning full-on filler.  I miss the days of Beware of the Fish by Ianuauria which was a juicy, forest surprise that was constantly shifting focus.  This resembles that album with the darkness and acid, but without the same detail.  I don't want you to think I don't like it because enjoyable moments are there.  He creates some vivid musical hallucinations at times, but listening to this all the way through is a bit of a challenge.    




Blue Hour Sounds Bandcamp (Digital)





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awesome review as always. many thanks.


my sentiments are similar to yours... that there isn't much going on here.


i had high hopes as well since if someone is naming an album after the legendary Sand and Scully Orange Sunshine, i would expect a certain amount of precision and godly vibes... but no such luck here.



there seems to be a number of artists that fill their tracks with these small skittering sound effects in an attempt to create psychedelia but then neglect to include any melody whatsoever. as such, this Gido album is like having a bunch of condiments but no food to eat.


of course, some artists go off into the complete opposite direction and have nothing but melody and then it becomes a part of the mainstream trance monstrosity.


ultimately the best artists use those small effects to compliment the melody and build to the climax rather than make it the main focus. i think that's why Orange Sunshine feels like one long track, there is nothing distinct about any of the tracks, it's just digital screeching set to drums for an hour.


there might be something of merit here but i only have two ears and one brain to process all the music out there, so why bother with something sub-par.

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