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Aes Dana Feat. Miktek - Far & Off


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Artist: Aes Dana & Miktek

Title: Far & Off

Label: Ultimae Records

Date: March, 2016


1. Far & Off

2. Diffraction Protocol

3. Cut.

4. Small Things Matter

5. Alkaline

6. Parenthesis

7. 6 am

8. Sulfur

9. Evenfall

10. The Unexpected Hours


Just wanted to write a little blurb about this release.  It's a collaboration between two very good artists on the Ultimae label that deserves your attention.  Collecting tracks from three Ep's (Alkaline, Cut., and The Unexpected Hours)  it's dark and very introspective, perfect for overcast and rainy days.  Glitchy sounds and percussion abound; vehicles for daydreaming and listening to time dissolve away.  Futuristic and cold with a firm grasp of the melancholy.  The sound is rich throughout and rarely have I felt such a feeling of isolation.


To me all the tracks flow together into one fluid production which prevent me from discerning whether one was better than another.  Nicely done.


Ultimae Bandcamp - Only 5E for digital 


Ultimae Bandcamp CD and 24 bit digital

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