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Psychedelic Horror

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acid-brain    105

Great recommendations judging from the ones that I've seen already. I'll definitely watch the whole set, apart from perhaps Begotten, which doesn't look like much fun.

Based on your recommendation and that of a friend I saw Antibirth this week. It was great, just a shame that it had all the elements of becoming an AMAZING film but didn't quite hold together in the end. I mean, part of reason why I love this 'genre' is that the films don't necessarily hold together on a plot-level but manifest strong subconscious themes, however Antibirth also got tangled up in its subconscious symbolism, squandering the psychologically scarring power which its forebears (Rosemary's Baby and Jacob's Ladder) have. However I wouldn't be surprised if director Danny Perez comes up with a classic of the genre in 4-5 years time.

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mudpeople    1

Begotten is pretty difficult, yeah.  The same director did Shadow of the Vampire, which is much easier to watch and has a coherent plot and actual dialogue.  Begotten I guess is meant to be some kind of Christ allegory.

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