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Morphic Resonance - Trip To The Stars


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Artist: Morphic Resonance

Title: Trip To The Stars

Label: DAT Records

Date: May, 2017


1. Pleiadians - Alcyone (Morphic Resonance Mix)

2. Pleiadians - Maia (Morphic Resonance Mix)

3. Pleiadians - Taygeta (Morphic Resonance Mix)

4. Pleiadians - Moon In Your Window (Morphic Resonance Mix II)

5. Crop Circles - Full Mental Jackpot (Morphic Resonance Mix)

6. Crop Circles - Different Species (Morphic Resonance Mix)

7. Etnica - Phetalic Vibes (Morphic Resonance Mix)

8. Pleiadians - Taygeta (Morphic Resonance Mix II)

9. Pleiadians - Moon In Your Window (Morphic Resonance Mix)






Undisputed king of goa trance Cristian Fernandez has attempted to produce an album in the face of overwhelming odds.  The odds of seeing the bloated orange president's taxes seem like a sure thing when compared to remixing arguably some of the greatest goa trance tracks of all time.  Music from the Italian's projects (Pleiadians, Crop Circles, Etnica) is sacred and I suppose if we had commandments in the goa scene most of their music would be on it.  The tracks are special and some would argue that you should just leave perfection alone. 


What he has presented here are remixes, his interpretation of tracks that meant so much to him.  It took him over three years to do this and he did it without any files to provide a roadmap.  As a musician I'll tell you it is incredibly difficult to copy an original piece of work with such detail.  But he did what a remix is supposed to do and that is to create something fresh while keeping the spirit of the original work.  The sound quality is stunning, just stunning.  The tracks are f*cking blistering, evolving, relentless masterpieces.  At no time did I think his work was subpar or that he failed to capture the glory of what was done in the past with perhaps one exception. 




That track in its original form is just a beast and at least to my ears what goa perfection sounds like.  That said his version didn't make me want to stop listening.  Far from it.  I just took it as something different and a great goa track to be added to my library.  This entire album is superb, melodic goa trance and I'll go even one further.  His 2nd remix of Taygeta and his last remix of Moon In Your Window is better than the originals.  This quote by gfp1 in the Artist News and Label Announcements thread is something I agree with:


"All in all, the challenge undertaken to create Trip to the Stars was massive and I have to respect that. It is a difficult proposition to win. Simply recreating the originals would just make people want to go and listen to the originals, while altering the core of the tracks too much might turn off people who enjoyed the originals. Morphic Resonance found a healthy balance between the two."


Bottom line for me is that DAT Records has once again delivered a powerhouse and if you are a goa fan this is a must have.  I linked to Psyshop and Beatspace, but you should purchase it from DAT if you can as the two downloadable add on tracks are brilliant.  Great Job Cristian!



DAT Records Bandcamp






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Oh this is truly a great release. I entered the goa field too late to call Pleiadians nostalgia, so I can't compare.

I can only express my own feelings and experiences of this EP and they are great respect and adoration.


Morphic Resonance blends warm sounds with thumping goa beats and hypnotic rhythms. It's a culmination of the new school sound of goa.

Very well done MR, and congrats. I listen to every track and think of how one can even begin to create and shape such sounds.

Truly a magic experience. One for the shelves.


Peace out.


:) :)

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There is a high potential for hubris in this album, seeing as it attempts an updating of Pleiadians' IFO, one of the all time classics of electronic music and the Kailash of Goa trance. Indeed, one wonders why Cristian Fernandez, one of the best of the current crop of Goa musicians, attempted this. Whatever his motivations, that this remix album is far from a lemon is a minor miracle of sorts. It is tempting to compare it to the original album, which it by no means replaces or renders redundant. One could say that the sound is better, though IFO has perfectly good sound on the original Dragonfly vinyl. One might argue that the remix is worse than the original on this track or that track. One may point out that the haunting space and flow of the original is not as apparent here. It would be plausible to argue that the more hysterical and hyper sound of contemporary trance is no match for the more organic and slightly mellower sound of old school analogue synths. However, it seems almost pointless to compare this to the original album, which stands on its own anyway, but rather to critically appreciate it in its own right. Assessed in this way, one could simply say that this is one of the best albums of late Goa trance. ~*~

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DoktorG, thanks for your review and your spot-on opinion, me and Cristian are delighted to read these words and happy you have enjoyed the album that much. It was never intended to be in direct comparison with the original but rather to pay a tribute.


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Thanks Draeke. I guess in some ways the more interesting question is not how Trip to the Stars relates to IFO, but how Trip to the Stars relates to The City of Moons, Cristian's previous album? To be flippant for a moment: Pleiadians vs UX? I need to listen more to say something substantial about this, but it is clear just from memory that Trip to the Stars is more obviously melodic and spacey than City of Moons. City of Moons is visceral, darker, harder, has more of an industrial edge and rusted metal feeling to it. My gut-level experience of the two albums is summed up by their titles. Trip to the Stars sounds to me like an interstellar trip to the Pleiades and beyond - the listener is zooming in a space ship across uncountable aeons of space and time with awesome vistas like those relayed from the Cassini spacecraft unfolding before their boggling eyes. City of Moons feels as if the listener has physically landed on one of the planets which features ancient ruined cities and dangerous species, like one of the recent Alien movies (Ridley Scott really should use some Goa in his movies!). I like the sense of doom that pervades City of Moons, but the melodies inspired by IFO in Trip to the Stars are unrivalled. Both albums are amongst the few recent nu skool Goa albums that are not embarrassed by the classics. One of the things I really like about Cristian's work is that his bass lines do not always stick to the generic, cookie cutter 16th note of so-called "full on"; 90s Goa artists did not all use the same bass line! ~*~  

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Listening to this album is a bit like reading a love letter to a girl you're not particularly fond of. If you didn't already know, I don't hold the Etnica / Pleiadians / Crop Circles trinity in nearly as high regard as much of the goa scene does. That being said, I can definitely feel the amount of passion poured into this, but as with the aforementioned love letter, that passion unfortunately doesn't reach me personally.
I'm much more interested in hearing whatever own tracks he's been (and will be) cooking, as his recent compilation tracks have been nothing but stellar :)

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I Dont usually kiss and tell, but this defenatly fall's on the lines of 'cute' in my book, Alcyone is the only track i realy like.

It's a nice tribute album, and i respect both the artist and dat for releasing to us but this will stay the last thing on my listening playlist from

both MR and Dat records discography.


Im kind of in a weird place when it comes to MR music, after his superb album, and crazy compilation tracks (Moonwalker and Altered Perception)

Nothing he released gave me that stormlike energies.

And dont even get me started talking about the astral projection remix.

My third eye will still be following his music closely, but with a pinch of doubt.




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3 hours ago, U.F.Orb said:

after his superb album, and crazy compilation tracks (Moonwalker and Altered Perception)

Nothing he released gave me that stormlike energies.

May I suggest taking a listen to Varese Dream. Last time I played this in a DJ set the dancefloor exploded :D


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I'm a big fan of Pleiadians and Morphic Resonance, but this album feels weird somehow. It's a great listen, yet I don't see myself playing any of these tracks over the originals when I'm in the mood for some Galactic Trance :lol: As a tribute, it's a great release and I'm sure Cristian had a lot of fun making it. It's just hard to add something new to music that has been burnt into our receptors for decades now. Although I must admit the rhythm section is one place that old Pleiadians could be better in (Meter being the exception, relentless fucking track), and the beats and breaks are much punchier and aggressive on the Remixes. I like.

All in all, an excellent release on its own... just impossible to escape direct comparisons as its a remix :D

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I'm re-listening to this release for a couple of days now. Honestly, it still stands out on top.
Cristian is and has always been on the forefront of power goa trance. All of these tracks burst of energy and euphoria.
The amount of layers is incredible and it feels just so good. Wonderful album here. A classic for me already.

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Really great remixes, the power in those track can put anyone to dance furiously, i sure that the original artists felt proud of them, i'm recently starting to know MR tracks, so far no disappointing, the originals mixes i've already knew, these ones just took them and gave another life, new school vibes on old school tracks. On "remix" proposition i would give for all tracks 10/10.

On 11/8/2017 at 11:30 AM, Paul Eye said:

May I suggest taking a listen to Varese Dream. Last time I played this in a DJ set the dancefloor exploded :D

Man this was a great recommendation. This track is wicked, must really be a dancefloor bomber.

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