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Artist: Maiia

Title: Shining Dragon

Label: Mystic Sound Records

Date: March, 2017


1. Tale About the Shining Dragon

2. Princess From the North

3. Natural Energy (Album Mix)

4. Maiia303 - Electric Particles (Maiia GoaChill Remix)

5. Microcosmos (Instrumental Mix)

6. Fusion Age (Album Mix)

7. Eastern Saloon

8. Strawberry Lassy (Album Mix)

9. The Great Bear (Album Mix)

10. Kurbeats - Phony Phony (Maiia Remix)





Yes, very interesting.


This is Alla Vagner who should be familiar to all who frequent this forum based on her 2014 release Sky In Diamonds on Ovnimoon Records.  It was a pleasant surprise and  a breath of fresh air to hear the organic sound melded with goa trance.  Sure it 's been done before, but man did she do it well.


She gets right after it with the goa tinged breakbeat track Tale About the Shining Dragon and Natural Energy.  I believe that she is the female equivalent to Hardfloor.  Funky breakbeats layered with that saucy 303 riding shotgun.  It's truly body moving music with eerie tones layered over top.  Mysterious at times, but always engaging with plenty of tribal affects.  Check out Strawberry Lassy...lots of Shponglese going on there.  She keeps the tracks relatively short for maximum freshness.  While not as eye opening as Diamonds, it nonetheless doesn't fail to impress.


Mystic Sound Records Bandcamp

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