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Psychedelic Quest - Morning Trip Ep


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Artist: Psychedelic Quest

Title: Morning Trip Ep

Label: Timewarp Records

Date: March, 2017


1. Morning Trip

2. Crystal Moon

3. Lunar Circles

4. Crazy Forest




Dude....where are the f*cking cookies?  That's how this short digital ep from longtime producer Leonidas Giotis makes me feel.  The sound is great, but it is what I term new school stagnant.  It finds one groove and rides it all the way home.  It's got a very happy and uplifting sound, but man it just doesn't go anywhere.  All the tracks have similar arpeggios and feel a hell of a lot longer than they are.  Sorry, but I cannot recommend this one.  Far too weak on depth and details.



Timewarp Bandcamp

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