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"V/A - 1. Years As Free Spirit"


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Artist: Various

Title: 10 Years As Free Spirit

Label: Free-Spirit Records

Date: March, 2017


1. Cylon & The Wayfarers - Castles Made of Love

2. Invader - Twelve Sessions

3. Ital - Ganesh

4. Hypnocoustics & Alta - Diesel Story

5. Tron & Journey - Funktion Juan

6. Braincell - Network

7. Earthling & DSP - Kiss the Sky

8. Savage Circuit - Which Way Is Anjuna?

9. O.C.D. - Sense of Knowing






"Have you felt it?"


Yes, it feels like I just took two Tylenol PM with a side of propafol.


So bored.  Who took the psychedelic out of psytrance?  Full-on beats with few exciting or even nap rousing moments.  Twelve Sessions was eleven too long and I think if Ganesh was listening to Ital's track he would tell him he left the f*cking sequencer running.  This generic, same sounding, patch sharing music is like punching a steak.  There is no feeling.  As you would imagine the best track here is by Braincell with his juicy, liquid sound, but expecting one man to save this narcoleptic compilation is like expecting Trump to save democracy.  This should come with a warning label not to operate heavy machinery while listening. 



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