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Robert Miles - Rest in Peace


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Robert Miles passed away today at the age of 47.


This is primarily a Psytrance forum, but the song "Children" is a big and iconic classic of trance music and electronic music in general.

This tune was the first one which introduced me to trance. Rest in Peace Robert Miles. Your music shall live forever.


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Oh, wow! RIP :(


So many of my teenage memories are connected to the times he was at the top of the charts! I remember re-doing "Children" in ProTracker on Amiga at some point.

Also, I wouldn't be surprised if that song's name wasn't an inspiration for the nick / handle of the founder of this forum :)

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holy crap! had no idea


about 15 years ago, i went to a hard dance/trance festival in brisbane australia

he was on the bill

everyone for some reason was expecting ping... ping ping ping stuff of his.. instead

was this type of dirty breaks off beat stuff, which at first was very hard to dance to, but after a while i really got

into it, was very unique at the time, and thought was a great "ballsy" move to play stuff like that at a festival of it's kind

others on there were binary finary, and some platipus artists i think


r.i.p robert


you made your mark in dance culture

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He was a God

I try to play Children every New Years Ever. It's my Auld Lang Syne.



us oldies know the impact that track had when it hit the clubs, then overnight.... your local supermarket!

i remember baking away at a supermarket one morning and heard it on the store radio!

killed it quickly for me, but i still have alot of respect for his arrangement in this track, the piano and strings especially

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Like, while Children isn't the slickest track, nor the more creative, it has an immediately recognizable melody and hit the world in the same era as The Prodigy 'Firestarter' and Orbital 'Insides' (as well as the entire dance music scene in general) was getting a touch of traction over here in the USA.


I had already found labels like Matsuri, Dragonfly, Blue Room, and Flying Rhino, but Robert Miles really showcased how large of a net the trance audience could be.


I got, and still get, near endless flack thrown my way due to the unabashed love I have for this track, but it's special (and terrible) and I honor it for these reasons.

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Children brings me to electronic music. :-)

Dreamland is the album of my childhood.

Anyone knows the other albums of him? 23am (Breakbeat, Dreamhouse), Organik (Breakbeat, Experimental), Miles&Gurtu (Electronic Jazz) and Thirteen (Rock with electronica)?

I love Children and his other stuff in style of Dreamhouse, but he produce alot more stuff in other genres... :-)

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