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I like the groove (reminds me of early Para Halu release) and many of the sounds!



- I dont' really hear any structure in the song - it is fairly flat in terms of energy, with no real buildup / peak / release, etc. sections (maybe that's by design),

- the acid at 5:37 is completely out of tune.


BTW, what's the significance of "432&528hz" in titles of your tracks? I remember reading something about it being a 'healing frequency' and 'original tuning for A-note' which was then conspired to be changed to 440 hz which - supposedly, because I can't hear that - sounds darker and more menacing  :huh:  :lol: (sorry). Is there any significance to this?

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Thank you for your feedback. I just started production in January with no previous music knowledge so Im basically starting from scratch. Im still learning the concepts of out of tune. Here is a link with some research material regarding the 432hz. https://ask.audio/articles/music-theory-exploring-the-432hz-tuning-debate

Would you happen to be able to offer any tutorials on psytrance song structure and design? Do you have some tunes I could listen to that you make that would be a good example of what you are talking about? Also any psy tuning tutorials that you know of would be great. I am completely new and open to suggestions and advice.

Thank you for your reply and honest feedback. I look forward to more. Much Love

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I only recently came back to writing music after 18 years of silence, so I don't have much to show for it yet :) However, you're more than welcome to check my 1995-99 music in a link below my post.


Regarding tutorials, there's a lot of stuff out there but it mostly focuses on sounds and technical side of music, rather than arrangement and song structure design. I'll try to look for it and post a link(s) if I find something. In the meantime, have a look at the posts I wrote as a feedback to a guy wanting to improve his 'amateur' skills. Maybe it will be helpful to you:




In terms of song structure itself, a good tip is to load your favourite track of other artist into your DAW and mark on the timeline specific segments (with location markers in Ableton Live, arranger track in Studio One 3.x, etc): intro, build-up, break, peak, bridge, outro, etc. This way you can adjust your track to match that structure. Try to understand how those parts differ and how is that difference achieved. And copy it. That's the best way to learn :)


BTW, thanks for the link - it's fascinating!  :blink:

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