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psybient.org - crowdfunding

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Friends, we have been online for almost 4 year ! psybient.org is entirely dedicated to the CHILL universe, over this time we published 400 posts, made 42 interviews and gathered more then 3000 albums and few hundreds links in our catalogs.


-- Now - Psybient.org website is super SLOW :(

-- We have many ideas and it is time to UPGRADE !


We need your help - join crowdfunding, share this page with your friends ! Supporters will get great music from our partners! Each small help counts



more info here @ https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/psybient-org-new-and-fast-website-crowdfunding-news-music--4/x/3745464?q=//index.php&q=/love/crowdfunding-psybient-org/#/

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I think that what you guys do is great, and I was considering donating, but after reading the budget plan, I'm not so sure.


- database migration technical support = 200 euros
- wordpress migration assistance = 200 euros
- wordpress plugins migration assistance = 300 euros
- wordpress fixes and improvements = 500 euros
- css fixes = 300 euros


What hosting provider are you with? These prices look absolutely ridiculous to me.

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