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A new DAWn - 138 bpm - Feedback is appreciated

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It sounds really good - very clean & transparent, so I'd say you're doing fine with regards to mixing.


What I'm not convinced about is the melodic work. For example when the bass comes in initially and again around 5:20 it sounds slightly out of tune. The main body of the bass seems OK, but the higher frequencies are somewhat off I think (can't explain it better). The melodies at 2:00 - 3:20 are either a bit chaotic and placed awkwardly, or very simplistic. And playing them with flute(ish) sample in a high-tempo track doesn't really work well - it fitted much better in your "Acoustic Hologram" when it was complementing the main, more traditional synth. On the other hand, that part after 4:14 and before the break is really, really good with that counterpoint ascending riff - creates an interesting, mystical atmosphere.

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I like the track. I cannot leave detailed feedback as @Antic did but this is a good mood (up>)lifting. Pleasure to hear. Now I am following you in sc :)

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