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Ziptnf - Atomic Structures [psytrance]


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Made a new mix for the annual Kentucky Derby Festival Mini-Marathon (and full Marathon but only someone like my brother is crazy enough to do 26.2 miles :wtf: ). The race was delayed 1.5 hours due to storms in the area, and I wound up taking the race out too fast in the first 7 miles and struggled between walking/running for the last 6. Seems to be a trend in my races these days. I need to learn how to control my pace so I don't burn out like that. Perhaps my depleted energy stores was also a side-effect of the delayed start time.


Anyway, the mix was better than my race. Big time trance melodies and high-energy psychedelic attack sequences, all flowing together for a powerful 100 minutes of quality electronic dance music. Pretty happy with this one.


Altered State - Hypnotic [Yellow Sunshine Explosion]

Zyce & Shake - Gravity [TesseracTstudio]

Ascent & Norma Project - Shining Crystals [Geomagnetic]

Ecosphere & Electit - Society [Parabola]

Flowjob - Alice In Orbit (Magnus Remix) [iboga]

Inner Sphere - Night Shade [iono]

System E - A New World [Digital Nature]

Ilai & Sonic Entity - Dmt Perception [iono]

Vertical Mode - Lucky Number (Symbolic Remix) [TechSafari]

Christopher Lawrence & No Comment - Horizon [Critical Overload]

Magnus - Sonder [Critical Overload]

Moon Tripper - Let's Find A Point [JOOF Mantra]

Spectro Senses - Fundamental Experience [bounce]

Bowdidge & Taylor - Sidewinder (Harmonic Rush Extended Mix) [Monster Force]

Makida - Human Evolution [24/7]

Makida & Eeon - Cosmic Expansion [24/7]

Moon Tripper - Selenophile [Yellow Sunshine Explosion]

Reverse - Ultima (Magnus Remix) [Critical Overload]




art credit: jp-talma


download link:

Ziptnf - Atomic Structures (1:40:45) 232MB ~320kbps

Google Drive:


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Thank you Penzoline! This is my favorite type of psytrance - the trancey type, powerful psychedelia, and high energy the whole time. I appreciate the listen.


I will try to work on your mix this weekend :)

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