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Take a dip with me ! Together In The Waves (MiKroMaKro new track)

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Really nice, there's nothing really "wrong" with it other than to my taste it's maybe too long and too static - e.g. the part at 5:00 - 5:30 which I think was supposed to be some kind of wind-down / a more melancholic moment; would work much better if the bass line was made less aggressive (with more holes / gaps in it) and the drums more sparse, maybe even some break beat. The final run that starts at 7:00 is also great musically and sonically, but it's kind of swamped by other samples / effects, so maybe it would be a better choice to make that lead sound louder and introduce it first, with other elements subdued, so that the listener knows where to place his focus and only then add in the other stuff?


I mean it's all there and it is very good, but somehow the impact is lost, because the track operates at very flat energy levels. Paraphrasing the name of this tune, good music is indeed usually arranged like waves: slowly building, accumulating, crashing in and reverting; but on top of those smaller individual waves you need to have a meta-wave encompassing the whole song, that will make all of the smaller waves meaningful.


Also there's nothing wrong with cutting the repetitive parts because a well arranged, varied and energetic track at 6-7 minutes is superior to one that drags along for 9+.




Hope the above helps, but I shake at the thought of what happens once I post my music and it won't live up to what I'm 'preaching'. Because it won't, as it's easier said than done :D

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