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Whats your opinion about the Neo Goatrance of Japan, like JIKOOHA?

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psytones    81

Here you go: https://www.discogs.com/artist/268610-Jikooha

Because of my fanatism about Yamabikaya, I bought JIKOOHA's first (2003) album which was really cool. As I liked it so much, I also bought their 2008 album unheard. It was totally Goatrance. I didn't expect that. And now Im on Bandcamp playing their 2012 release, which has a Hallucinogen intro tune on it *see youtube link*. Ive not heard their 2006 album Shamanarchy yet. Seems like to me that each album theiv released represent a different style within Psytrance. 


As Goa trance fanatics, Id love to read some of your comments about these crazed GOA-trance producers of Japan, like JIKOOHA!

GOA trance>

Japan has always facinated when it comes to psytrance


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Blair Thaumic    135

One name that doesn't get mentioned too much is Tomocomo. Some great tracks in the 'classic' style of Japanese Goa; they could very easily be on a Tokyo Tekno Tribe release circa 1995-96.


Masa is great too of course. And Ubar Tmar. His ambient stuff is fascinating but can be quite challenging to listen to!

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Colin OOOD    84

Jikooha will hopefully be releasing a new album this year.

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Manuser    248

Sirius Rising has two gems for me, tracks 2 and 3.

Revolution Spaceship is less homogeneous but has Bay Hall Magic which is the killer track! A shame it does not include the original of My Revolution and Yours which is a killer track as well.

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