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Enertopia - Magic For Eternity


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Artist: Enertopia

Title: Magic For Eternity

Label: Krembo Records

Date: 1997


1. Intro

2. Broken Sky

3. The Shout of a Headman

4. Marakesh 2000

5. Novelle

6. Van Spooker

7. Manga

8. Volvoker

9. Wacky

10. Marteff

10a. Untitled


"You're not ready for so much excitement!"


To further drive home the point that not everything released in 1997 was gold comes the debut of Emiliano Solazzi Griminger.  His second album Face Adaptor was appealing to me in a I don't know why I like this, but I do kind of way.  With a heavy techno influence this has a raw and electric feel.  With that description it should be appealing in a cold and dark way, but something is missing.  There are melodies of course, but they sound abrasive rather than melodic.  Marakesh 2000 isn't bad and with it's power and symphonic layers reminds me a little of a Kris Kylven production.   He goes a little heavy on the sample usage in  Van Spooker  (even though I like the sample) and then annoys the crap out of me with a looped vocal tacet on Volvoker.  For one final insult with the last track he adds some more music after an extended silence.  I hate that.  Ask me if it made any f*cking difference with the overlook of this album.





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Yeah, this is a weird one. And while I'm normally all about weird, it mostly seems like a beta test for ideas that would be fully developed in Face Adaptor. Not terrible (and I respect the artist for going in a different direction and making 'noisy' goa), but very amateurish.

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