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Cactus Arising - The Remixes Ep


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Artist: Cactus Arising

Title: The Remixes Ep

Label: Timewarp Records

Date: 2016


1. Radical Distortion - The Dreamer (Cactus Arising Remix)

2. Fiery Dawn - Mahakala (Cactus Arising Remix)

3. InnerZone - Universal Enlightenment (Cactus Arising rmx)

4. Spectrum - Medi teranno (Cactus Arising rmx)


Cactus Arising is a Greek duo which had their debut Star Storm a few years ago and it uh...hmmm.




Well let's just stay it failed to impress.  So now they release a digital Ep of remixes on prodigious Timewarp Records.  


The Dreamer- The original on Suntrip's Opus Iridium by Radical Distortion was a smash with a superb lead melody.  It never let up.  This remix is a little more subdued but still contains good melodies.


Mahakala-   Fiery Dawn's track found on his Cosmic Ascension EP is a steady does of crackling 303.  The remix is a layered treat that may rival the original.  Furious!  Good job!


Universal Enlightenment- The next two tracks I have never heard so...blank canvas you know?  It was a nice layered track, but had that...unfinished or raw quality.  Decent, but not very distinctive.


Medi Terrano- The little blurb on Discogs mentions that they like to close their sets with this track.  And I can see why.  There is a lot of energy here with a nice balance of power and dreamlike quality.  Great track!


While I wasn't a fan of their debut this little digital ep shows that they have talent and they understand that a remix isn't just a carbon copy.  That alone endears them to me.  While not superb, it's a good little ep and I look forward to their next album. 


 Timewarp Records Bandcamp

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